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How to Insert Math Equation in Powerpoint, PDF, Google Docs

how to insert math equation in powerpoint

How to Insert Math Equation in PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs

Understanding how to work with or insert math equation in PowerPoint, PDF, Google Slides, Google docs and the likes is a skill and not so many understand the rudiments. When it comes to typing mathematical equations in Word, computing figures and symbols so much time and effort go into it that it’s best left to professional typists. Not just your roadside typist but those with the training and certification to do a clean job since it involves figures, symbols, and formulas.

Most Common Formats with High Usage of Math Equation

When we are asked to convert PDF with math equations to PPT, we also let the clients know what other most common formats we work with:

  • Microsoft Word to PowerPoint
  • Convert PDF with math equations to PPT
  • Google Slides or docs to PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel to PowerPoint
  • Latex to PowerPoint

how to type math equations into ppt

How to Type Math Equations into PPT, Word, PDF, and Google Doc

Here is how to type math equations into PPT:

Math symbols in Word.

To insert subscript and superscript:

  • Move your cursor to your taskbar up.
  • For subscript type the letter and the number and then click the X icon on the toolbar X with the 2 beneath it to get X2.
  • For superscript type the letter and the number and then click the X icon with the at the top of the X to get X2. The second shows the raise to the power of 2.

The result should be X2 and X2.

Therefore, to use sub- or superscript to create a formula raised to the power of 2:

X2 – Y2 = 25

Steps to insert superscript, subscript, fractions, bracket, functions, radical, integral, matrix, and operators:

  • Click “Insert” on the top left corner of your menu lift
  • Move your mouse to the top right corner under the available options under insert to locate Equation (when you also need to use symbols you can see symbols close to Equation)
  • You can choose from the list of options if you see the one that suits what you need but if not
  • Click “insert New equation”
  • Pick from the list of superscript options the format you want for your equation

How to Insert Math Symbols in PowerPoint

On how to insert math symbols in PowerPoint to create symbols on PowerPoint is the same process as that of MSWord. 

  • Click insert on your PowerPoint menu
  • Move your mouse to the top right corner and select Equation
  • To select any equation type, fractions, subscript and superscript, operators, radicals, functions, accent, etc.
  • Under Equation, select insert new equations and then choose from the list of options.

Whatever format or style of equation with a subscript, superscript, square roots and more can be created using the above format. When you need to make use of symbols you can choose from the list of options there. Working with PDF, however, presents you with slightly different options. See how to type math in PDF or how to copy math symbols from PDF underneath.how to copy math symbols from pdf

Math Symbols in PDF: Working with Math Equation inside PDF files

To type math equation inside PDF files, for now, does not have a direct means for achieving such. However, you can choose to type the equation into Microsoft word, Excel or PowerPoint and then convert to a PDF document. To edit an already existing PDF document or convert PDF to word with math equation to include mathematical equations you can simply convert the file to Microsoft word document and then make all necessary corrections plus inclusion of equations. After including the equation you can convert back to MSWord.

How to Type Math Symbols in Google Slides or Docs

On how to type math symbols in Google slides; working with Google doc makes typing mathematical equations simpler. To know how to use math symbols in Google docs you mostly have to work online by opening the Google doc website on your browser.

  • Go to Google doc page using the above link
  • Click on insert and then > Equation

When you get to the equation you will find a list of options to choose from depending on your mission. Options include:

  • Greek letters
  • Miscellaneous operations
  • Relations
  • Math operators
  • Arrows

If working with square roots, subscript or superscript or fractions then

  • Click on the Math Operators and choose if the appropriate equations.
  • Once you click the choice you an input the numbers you want in the order you desire.
  • Click on the New equation icon at the top-lower left corner just above the ruler if you need to create a new equation. To keep including equations you would need to follow the same procedure all through typing math equations in pages.

how to insert math symbols in powerpoint

Special Formatting of Math Symbols in Excel

To input mathematical equations or conduct special formatting for an Excel task simply open Microsoft Excel on your PC and do the following:

  • Click on insert and then navigate to the top right corner
  • Click on Equation
  • Select the type of equation you want from the long list of available equations
  • Change the numbers and letters to what you desire including sub and superscripts and more.

Why Ask Experts to Help with Math Symbols?

Some of the reasons it is better to rely on our expertise than struggle with typing mathematical equations in word on your own include:

Can you insert math symbols in PowerPoint presentations on mac too?

Yes, it’s possible to insert math symbols in PowerPoint presentation even with a Mac system. Our team of experts can help you with typing math equations even for Mac systems.

Steps to typing math equation using Mac systems:

  • Launch PowerPoint on a Mac system.
  • Click on edit on the menu bar
  • Click on special characters
  • A pop-up menu will appear on the dialog box under the character and then select all characters.
  • Click on ‘By category tab’, by the arrow button by symbol and then pick the symbol of choice.
  • Click ‘insert’ to complete
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